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Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Moist... And Other Stuff That’s Downright Uncomfortable to Talk About

Moist.  It’s one of those words that produces an intense reaction in people.

The word “moist” can trigger a whole range of powerful and primitive reactions: arousal, disgust, aversion, nervousness, shame, and even… the giggles.  This is true for both the person who says it and also for those who have to hear it.

Strangely enough, it’s not the only “m” word in the English language that can activate a potent and primitive response. The only other “m” word that I’ve seen create such a formidable response is of course, the most taboo subject of all… money.

Humans have many different ideas, thoughts and beliefs about money. Some of the more common, debilitating ones include:

  • You need to have money to make money
  • I’m not good with numbers
  • It’s hard to make money in my industry
  • Finance/numbers are too complicated

These limiting beliefs severely curtail your potential because you’re subconscious mind is programmed to automatically deliver results that mirror back who you are and what you believe to be true (regardless of whether it’s real or imagined).

When you boil it down, the discomfort that people experience when the topic of money is broached, really stems from one or two dark places:

  1. the fear of judgment
  2. the fear of being exploited

Basically for those of you with limited resources, you may worry that others will look down upon you – in terms of your intelligence, work ethic or perhaps just your ability to manage money. And for those of you with plenty of cash, you probably want to hang onto as much of it as possible and not be taken advantage of.

Either way, the frames or limiting beliefs that you are currently using to look at (and define) money, may not be affording you with the best opportunity for success.  Today I want to explore (with the help of our guest) how this plays out in real life (and maybe how this might be playing out in your life) as a first step to understanding how you can use different techniques to move past these obstacles to discover more empowering resources and enhanced financial opportunities.


Martin Bissett is the founder of the Upward Spiral Partnership in the UK – which specialises in enabling accountants to win higher end clients, create leaders from their ranks and save people from financial ruin.  His reason for being is to focus accountants on the profound outcomes that their advisory expertise can create in the lives of their clients. At the same time, he also alerts accountants to the profound difficulties that can arise in the lives of their clients when they choose not to help their clients cure the financial, personal and strategic pain points that are keeping them awake at night.


  1. Undercapitalization is just a symptom of the problem – the root cause is lack of self esteem
  2. If you want adults who are financially literate in their 30’s, you need to start educating kids about money when they are 9 years old
  3. Process may fix financial measures but it will never fix the behavioural issues that led to the poor results in the first place

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