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Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Are You a Member of the Mile High Club?

You might be surprised to hear that the term “Mile High Club” dates back to 1914. Apparently a young aviator named Lawrence Burst Sperry invented the first prototype of the autopilot system.  Basically it made manual or “hand flying” redundant and it kept the aircraft steady for a long period of time, freeing up the pilot to turn his/her attention to other matters in the cockpit.

Now hear me out…this is where the story gets a little bit salacious…

Just a couple of years later, Sperry made the news again when he and a female companion were rescued in the Atlantic Ocean after their small plane crashed. When the rescue team arrived on the scene, Sperry and his female friend were completely naked, and they alleged that all of their clothes (including the really tricky bits like underwear, socks and shoes) had been mysteriously ripped off when the plane hit the water. As you might imagine, the journalists had quite a lot of fun with their headlines and the “mile high club” was born.

Now some of you might be thinking – well that’s a great story but what does that have to do with our guest today.  And my answer to your question is “nothing… and yet, everything”.


Elizabeth McCormick is decorated U.S. Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot. She flew missions such as Air Assault/Rappelling, Command & Control, VIP, and Military intelligence. She also supported United Nations peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, receiving the Meritorious Service Medal for her excellence in service, and was awarded the Congressional Veteran Commendation.

Elizabeth McCormick not only shattered the glass ceiling in the military as a Black Hawk Pilot, she went on to do it again in her corporate career as a global contract negotiator and motivational speaker. She is also a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of speakers, coaches and trainers, and is a #1 best-selling author of The P.I.L.O.T. Method.

Today I have invited Elizabeth here to talk about world best practices for setting up your organization to work without you – i.e. on autopilot. She’s a leading expert on leadership and team building and I have a sneaking suspicion that the stories she is about to share will blow you away and her advice is going to be invaluable to you today.

Financial Foreplay® Highlights:

  • People make it easy to know what makes them tick – they will reveal themselves to you if you take the time to really listen
  • In a negotiation or crucial conversation, your primary role is to pay attention and listen – stop thinking about what you are going to say/do/react
  • Trust is the core asset to create a strong team and having an organization that runs exceptionally well on autopilot
    • It is easy to destroy trust quickly when you micromanage team members
    • Hire competent people and empower them to do their best work
    • Companies must stop make policies based on exceptions and start using more common sense and trust
  • Your people are your greatest asset
    • Empower your people by providing a clear path with succession planning
    • Cross training and departmental skills are essential to creating a business that is capable of running effectively on auto-pilot

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