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Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Financial Foreplay® Podcast
How To Face a Life Threatening Challenge and Turn it Into a Powerhouse Opportunity


Josephine Kinsella began her career in transport and travel with Transrail, Qantas, Accor, and Skylink in Australian and New Zealand. She became a licensed real estate agent in 2005 and quickly promoted up the ranks with Property Central, Harcourts, and Mike Pero culminating with a CEO position at LJ Hooker Group in New Zealand. Joesphine has also held several directorships on boards and now heads up the Powerhouse Group focusing on New Zealand and the US markets. She is a fractional COO and Customer Experience Director.

Josephine has raised two daughters, age 13 and 16, balancing parenting solo, whilst completing her MBA. She is also known for holding some interesting and challenging leadership roles and project contracts which I’m sure she will share with you today.

Financial Foreplay® Highlights:

  1. Find a good broker to improve your options and rates – it can actually be harmful to your credit score to focus only on big bank lenders
  2. Invest in properties where you might not normally want to live (build up your property portfolio by renting out these houses)
  3. Every business owner should be sitting down with a mentor to devise a plan – it needs to be highly visual and simple to understand and implement
  4. Sooner or later something will happen to prove that you are not invincible and that incident will be invaluable because you will learn how to prioritize what is important and focus
  5. Not all business is good business – if you are not getting value, you need to walk away from the table

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