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Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Financial Foreplay® Podcast
Unlock the Big “O” in Your Sales Process

As a salesperson – and everyone is in sales whether you are selling a product/service, an idea or just yourself – there are few things more exciting than identifying and unlocking the Big “O”. With “O” being of course opportunities – closing deals, making sales, and influencing people to act.

Not only do you put more cash in your wallet or get more people on board to back your idea… you are also building relationships and growing your influence.

However, more often than not, you’ve probably presented an offer and then been left scratching your head because you thought your customer was crazy for saying “no” or worse, insisting on time to “go away and think about it”.

Here’s the thing, when people say no, you miss out on revenue or a chance to get them on board with your idea, opportunity or venture.

You can’t close everyone, nor should you try. Not everyone is your idea customer. However, if you are out there drumming up leads (which is expensive because you have to throw time and money at lead generation), you want to make sure that you have the right sales processes in place to close as many qualified leads as possible… which is why I have asked Joseph Munizaga to join us today on the Financial Foreplay® podcast.


Joseph Munizaga has over 20 years of sales experience, 15 of which has been in the fitness industry at one of the leading fitness corporations in the nation, LA Fitness International. As the Regional Vice President, he was responsible for overseeing 25 locations.

In his most recent role as an Executive Team Leader for the world class sales team for Cardone Training Technologies, Inc for 3 years, he was responsible for the ongoing development, training, and success of all members on the sales team. Joseph personally closed over $15 million in sales per year while performing weekly coaching calls, onsite training for businesses all over the world, selling Grant Cardone’s products, event tickets, and services. Joseph is now working as a consultant with multiple companies to drive sales.


  1. The most successful businesses have all asked the same question – how do I get around this?
  2. If you are having troubling closing, then you need to go back to the start and examine your greeting.
  3. The biggest mistake you can make is to unleash a fire hose of “telling” on your customer or prospect
  4. Your prospects will already be 75% of the way into their purchasing journey by the time they contact you and you must re-engineer your entire sales process to reflect this massive change
  5. Joe shared 2 really powerful questions that I recommend you add to your list and start using immediately with your prospects and customers… but you are going to have to listen to the episode to find out what they are. No cheating… you have to listen and I promise you these are two questions I guarantee you aren’t currently asking and have the potential to double your sales

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